Carrefour - internal / external comm.

To sum it up: 6 years of internal & external communication for 6 different departments of Carrefour Romania: Internal Communication, Human Resources, IT Security, Finance, Legal & GDPR, Supply & Logistics. From internal communication strategies, onboarding platforms, tutorials, and in-office activations, to external awareness and recruitment campaigns, we covered it all. Here are just a few of the things we worked on in the past 6 years.

// what we did:
Internal Communications Strategy
Recruitment campaigns
> Video scripts & direction
> BTL campaigns
> Internal websites/newsletters

> Identity creation
> Copywriting
> Video explainers & presentations
> Graphic Design
> Photography & much more

>> Diversity and inclusion

With a major impact in the international market, Carrefour has been committed, from the beginning, to integrate and promote the values ​​of diversity and inclusion in the social mix of all teams and communities of which it is part.

// what we did: Concept > Video scripts > Direction

>> Supply Chain overhaul campaign


Carrefour maintained a dynamic expansion with over 360 stores in different formats. In 2019, an expansion of their warehouses was needed and this required an ample internal campaign. Together with 9 different departments in Carrefour, we handled the internal communication for this project in an integrated campaign over several months.

// what we did: Internal communications strategy > Visual identity > Newsletters > Video explainers & presentations etc.

>> Robotic Process Automation Projects

NOE, ZOE and LEXI are digital ecosystems that automate invoice processes, send e-mails and monitor the status of invoices, built by Carrefour in partnership with UiPath and RPA Box.

// what we did: Visual identity > Internal Communication > Video explainers


>> IT Security Communication

Since 2017, we've been handling a lot of the IT Security department's internal communication. A win-win relation, as we learned a lot about data protection and cyber-security issues.

// what we did: Internal communications strategy > Visual identity > In-store awareness campaign > Website creation > Video Tutorials > Newsletters

Stickers in office toilets :)

>> Crisis communication Covid

We were there when Carrefour needed to adapt to new ways of working and quickly communicate all decisions and information. From daily newsletters to office signalistic and return to office guides, we covered all the company's needs.

// what we did: Internal communications strategy > Visual identity > Newsletters > Video explainers etc.

>> In-store IT Sec. awareness campaign

Ariciu' Securiciu'

We also made a password check point in Carrefour hypermarkets, brochures, posters & flyers with IT information security tips for customers. The cherry on top was an activity brochure for kids, useful to learn together with their parents about protection on the internet.

// what we did: Creative concept > Visual identity > Brochures & in-store prints > Web App concept & design

>> Online guide for a new way of working

SWOW is the interactive guide for hybrid, efficient and enjoyable work. The platform was specially created when the Covid-19 crisis started, to support the solid mechanics of their team. Since then, it evolved into a employee hub that provides useful information about teamwork, personal efficiency and good practices for physical and mental well-being.

// what we did: Website creation > Graphic design > Newsletters > Video explainers etc.

>> EMA - Recruiting RPA chatbot in partnership with Druid

Ema is not just a chatbot. All the answers are based on a series of automations and databases. And a whole team of programmers taught Ema how to analyse them all instant, so that you can immediately receive an answer.

// what we did: Internal Communications Strategy > Visual identity > Animation scripts & direction > Newsletters

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>> Carrefour careers public web page

Our layout refresh for Carrefour's career page and sub-pages, launched in 2020, alongside the chatbot EMA.

// what we did: Layout design & content structure for Careers web section