Carrefour - Hire Like a Pro

As one of the largest employers in Romania and with a team of over 17,000 members, Carrefour’s HR department has the important role and mission of staying up to date with the latest recruitment techniques and best practices in this area. So, long story short, together with My HR Lab & Zee51, we have developed an internal campaign for enrolment in recruitment workshops and, at the same time, managed to also turn it into an external Employer Branding campaign and raise awareness on the outdated practices in the field of recruitment.

The main character in our videos was Mr. Zaur, interpreted by Alexandru Potocean, a manager with bad habits who doesn’t fit in our times. The campaign touched on the funny side, but the message was important: times are changing, and the managers need to evolve. That’s why we’ve concluded with some good examples & testimonials from the company.

// what we did:
Campaign Concept & Creation
> Internal Communications Strategy
> Video Direction
> Graphic Design
> Video Production (with Zee51)

// results:
> about 1000 new followers on LinkedIn, 126,000 views, +2,000 likes, 375 shares
> +18.000 organic views on YouTube
> over 200 Carrefour managers enrolled at the workshops